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The Working German Wirehaired Pointer
You may want a Wirehair for rough shooting, hawking, deer stalking or competitive field work, there are more puppies bred from parents who participate in these activities than produced from show stock. These litters are usually produced during the Spring and Summer, thereby allowing the bitch to return to her duties during the following shooting season. Most people prefer to purchase puppies from established working lines. Yet the majority of responsible breeders are not allowing a definite split between working and show Wirehairs to happen. Breeders of show stock are generally aware of the breed’s working capabilities and keep the working aspect well in the fore of their own line, likewise, the breeders of the working lines must also be aware that they should be breeding to a "breed standard" and that all efforts must be made to keep their lines typical of the breed. It can be done and there are numerous full Champions to prove this point.

If you have purchased a Wirehair as your first dog to work, you will find that they will not be the most straightforward of working dogs, but above all they have an abundance of intelligence and enthusiasm, You may find it difficult to find suitable training classes, as most classes are held for Spaniels or Retrievers, but there are more H.P.R. classes and trainers being established. By contacting the breeder of your Wirehair, he/she should be able to point you in the right direction.

If you have already trained a dog for work, albeit one of the more popular breeds, you should have no serious problems with the Wirehair, providing you are consistent and fair with your training.

Bareve GWPs are always bred with both form and function in mind - we are breeding for a dog that looks equally as good as it’s working ability. We believe GWPs should have a calm, biddable personality to suit the requirements of a hunt, point, retrieve dog. Many Bareve GWPs have gone into working homes as roughshooting, beating/picking up and falconry dogs. Some are also tested and trialled with great success.